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Astorian is bringing the built world together so we can live and work in comfort.

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Our Story

We all know the pain of a broken elevator with bags of groceries, or a shower that just won’t heat up on a cold, winter morning. Founder and CEO Victor Hunt spent years addressing these issues in property management after being inspired by his own childhood homelessness. From these difficult experiences, Victor developed an unwavering passion for quality housing and the desire to create a better built world for everyone.

Victor recruited his co-founders, Aaron and Matt, while at Yale and Penn with the vision to make the upkeep of our built world as seamless and stress-free as possible. Since then, Astorian’s success has earned the support of investors who’ve backed some of the world’s most notable companies.

We’ve made great strides, but have only scratched the surface of our dream. We’d love for you to join us in this journey to revolutionize real estate forever.

Our Investors

We’re fortunate to have some incredible investors.

First Round Capital

First Round was the first institutional investor in multi-billion dollar companies like Uber, Square, Flexport, and Warby Parker.

Bessemer Venture Partners

Bessemer is one of the top venture capital firms in the world, leading investments in LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blue Apron, Skype, and more.

Spike Lipkin

Spike is CEO of Newfront Insurance, and was previously Head of Finance at Opendoor.

Spike Lipkin
Peter Reinhardt

Peter is the CEO and co-founder of Segment.

Peter Reinhardt
Namrata Patel

Nam is Director of Product at AirBnB overseeing the guest experience.

Namrata Patel
J.D. Ross

J.D. is the co-founder of Opendoor.

J.D. Ross

Our Values

We’re a young company, but we think we’ve got a winning formula.

Anchors & Propellers

We dream of every possibility, but act with balanced thinking. The question is not whether something is possible but how it can be done and at what cost. Our anchors ground us while our propellers drive us forward – both work to keep our ship in balance so our journey is successful.

Hack & Hustle

Great innovation is remarkably different from the status quo; it is able to do more with less, break past the curse of knowledge, and free our minds of dogma. To continuously win we must hack for solutions, hustle for deals, and consistently get it done.

Caring fuels our confidence

At Astorian, we care immensely about our work, the people we support, and what we stand for. That’s why we can have assurance in our efforts, even when things don’t go as planned. We put everything in, and we let that care fuel our confidence.

Open Forum

Sharpen your ears and wield your voice at Astorian. Everyone at Astorian has a voice, and we never allow title or stature to dictate whose idea is accepted.

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Working and Thriving

All work and no play makes Astorian a dull boy.

Built with love in SoHo

We're bringing inspiration, diversity, and creativity together in the city that never sleeps. Our office is steps away from world-class restaurants, waterfront views, and a vibrant nightlife. There’s no limit to what you can explore in NYC.

Passion and Purpose

It’s about so much more than building a great product.

Astorian’s mission is simple – to automate property management. But our goal goes far beyond the buildings themselves...

Just as the air we breathe perpetually surrounds us, so too does our built world continually protect, enable, and comfort us. But sometimes, these environments fail us.

At Astorian, we strive for the tenants — the single mother of three living in a building contaminated with lead paint, and the co-workers in the sweltering pre-war building with decades-old cooling units. We also strive for the working class – the general contractor whose two-man shop is two brothers from Mexico, and the woman who against all odds built a million-dollar paint business in an industry overcrowded with men.

Our mission is to make life better for them, and for everyone. This is Astorian. We are Astorian.

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