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How it works


Review available jobs

Astorian supports projects in every category and size


Bid for free

Bid on as many jobs as you’d like — it’s always free to bid


Only pay if you win

Pay a small fee (~5% of the job size) if you win

Astorian Project

Pick the right jobs for your business

Property managers use Astorian to post jobs in every category. We’ll highlight the ones that are best for your business, and you choose if you want to bid.

High quality jobs

Astorian’s users are professional property managers and landlords posting high-value jobs ($30k average)

Everything you need, in one place

Review project files, submit questions, schedule site visits and more - all on Astorian

Bid on as many jobs as you’d like, for free

It’s always free to bid on Astorian, and there’s no limit to how many projects you can bid on.

Beautiful bid documents, automatically

When you bid through Astorian, we format your bid into a beautiful PDF, so your business looks great.

Collaborate with your entire team

Easily review jobs and prepare bids alongside your colleagues

Astorian Bid
Astorian Bid History

Keep current and past bids organized

Astorian organizes your bid history and keeps everything securely stored, so everything is in one place.

Stay updated on projects’ statuses

Astorian requires property managers to indicate if they’re still reviewing your bid, so you’re not left in the dark.

Easy record keeping

Easily find any prior bid that you submitted through Astorian.

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Hear from our customers


See how St. Nick’s Alliance saved over $800,000 on their first project on Astorian.

St. Nick's needed to replace 20 boilers, and had been quoted $1.6 million off of Astorian. They posted the project on Astorian and within 1 week had 3 bids all between $800-$900k.

“The ability to export all the bids into a standardized report saves countless time and energy in analyzing the scope of all the proposals.”

Dawn Dickstein
President, MD2 Property Group

“I like the ease of posting a project and quickly reaching numerous vendors. Astorian has taken multiple communications and put them all in one place.”

Chris Caramanica
Facilities Director,
Winn Residential

“It’s a lot of paperwork and details normally, but with Astorian I can just upload the projects and not have any of the hassle.”

Christine Burkhardt
Administrator, Restoration Plaza

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use Astorian?

Astorian is free to join for contractors. You can bid on as many projects as you like, and you only pay a small percentage (~5%) on the projects you win with us. You have full control over what projects you choose to bid on and how much you choose to charge. And you'll always see what the Astorian fee when you're preparing your bid, so there's never any surprises.

What types of jobs are available on Astorian?

Astorian has job in every category type, from electric panel replacements to gut renovations to boiler repairs and more. The property managers on Astorian also come a wide variety of building types, such as commercial, multifamily, class-A, affordable housing, etc. When you join Astorian, you have access to everything, but we'll also automatically highlight the projects that are the best fit for your business.

Will other contractors see my prices?

No - only you and the project owner see your price. When you bid on Astorian you are establishing a direct relationship with the property manager and owner.

How will Astorian help my business?

Astorian is designed to connect you with projects that best match your expertise. We will promote your business and help you look good for the property manager and owners. When you bid on Astorian you make new relationships with property managers who will request you for more work in the future.

How do I get paid?

When the property manager hires you for the job, you will receive an email telling you that you have won. Then the property manager and you will handle the payments directly — Astorian is not involved. We'll invoice you separately to collect the small Astorian fee for projects you win through us.

How do I join Astorian?

You can request to sign up for Astorian by clicking here and entering your email address. Once you're approved, it only takes 2 minutes to sign up, and once your account is complete you can begin bidding on any project.

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